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There were not enough entries to run Bei Fong Madness. I think its not the best time for an icontest now I will try again once new seasons begins.

If anyone has any suggestions on challenges - just a fun challenge or one determined by voting. You are more than welcome to toss this way.

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Bei Fong Madness is a icontest set up like the bracket style used in March Madness

Icons will be matched up with another icon and be voted in head to head poll. The winner of the two will move on to next round and the icon with less vote will be eliminated. Polls will continue until one icon is remaining.

Anyone on dreamwidth or open account can join in the Bei Fong icon making fu
n. Even if they are not part of this community. Anyone is also allow to vote even if they did not submit icon.

People can submit up to two icons.

Icon Requirements:
100 x 100 size
Less than 40 kbs
No Animations
Most have at least one Bei Fong present in icon. Other characters are welcome to be in icon as well.
Blends/Textures/Text are are welcome
Icon needs to be uploaded on an anonymous server -

Please submit icons here before March 8th 11:59 pm Pacific Time.

Feel free to ask any questions regarding challenge

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Greetings new members I apologies for my lack of posts here.

ABC challenge for Avatar the Last Airbender

prompt list )


I will post LOK ABC next week.

Inspire Me

Dec. 4th, 2012 10:03 am
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If you are looking for inspiration you came to the right place.

Inspire Me post is a request style thread where anyone can post prompts (gen or character related) for iconists to use to create beautiful icons.

Iconists can either use this as a fill a request or can use prompts for a table if they wish.

If you are looking for a particular character please indicate in subject line as well on thread with prompt. If there is none listed its considered free for all on character/pairings.

Request Away!

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Greetings all members of Legend of iconists.

I created this community because it combines my two passions Atla/lok series and making icons. Icon makers as well as anyone who appreciate icons are welcome to join.

Legend of Iconist is a laid back community for icon love!


~ Be respectful towards other members
~ No character bashing
~ Have fun!

Members can post anything related to icons:
icons related to a prompt/challenge or just any you created
social threads like talk with icons or discussion threads with icons as being main focus (If post stems off into discuss of non icon related stuff all good there)
icon tutorials, etc

Members are welcome to create and post prompt tables.

Please also check out the Inspire Me post - anyone can drop off a prompt. Which people can grab for prompt tables or you as a fill a request icon.

I do want to do some challenges such as LIMS or weekly anon challenge. Maybe even 20in20. I wouldn't be doing this until we have more members. That probably be in January. I am looking for a partner in crime to help with these if you are interested contact me.

I will be posting a weekly social thread on Thursdays.

Feel free to introduce yourself here:

A few starter questions (optional)

Share you favorite icon you created (does not need to be avatar related)
How did you get into making icons/graphics?


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